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Functional Training with a Fork : Innovators of th

Kathy C Rowland,Ronnie J Rowland,: Functional Training with a Fork : Innovators of the 7 Types of Functional Training

Functional Training with a Fork : Innovators of the 7 Types of Functional Training


Get inside the minds of two of America's elite personal trainers who just happen to be married. Ronnie and Kathy Rowland troubleshoot Functional Training, the Food and Fitness Industry, Body-Fat Loss, Muscle Toning, Athletic Performance, Sex, Hormone Therapy, Longevity, Relationships, Self-Awareness, Stress, Chronic Pain, and CrossFit. Functional Training with a Fork is so good, it not only sticks with you after you read it, but it forever alters the way you view yourself and the others around you! Functional Training with a Fork is the most important health and fitness book ever written. This book sets forth new standards for the health and fitness industry. It gives a clear path to follow, as we take you step-by-step through the 7 types of Functional Training and the Functional Diet. Functional Training with a Fork is an education credential that ensures the highest standard for everyone involved in the health and fitness industry. Functional Training with a Fork was written from years of hands-on experience working with various people from different genetic backgrounds. We have plenty of scientific and anecdotal evidence to back up what we teach. As long-time personal trainers, with more than 40 years of combined experience in gyms, we have witnessed real-life experiences and transformations. We currently work as a team at Gold's Gym in Aiken, S.C. We have combined our knowledge as male and female personal trainers to bring the best of both worlds to our clientele. We absolutely love our jobs as personal trainers. We love people and want you to learn to love yourself, your exercise, and your diet. We are going to teach you time-tested secrets that are proven to work. By following the principles outlined in this book, you can become a much happier person. Happiness has less to do with obtaining things you don't have and more about making the things you do have more appealing. This book will teach you how to become more attractive in your face and body through losing body fat and enhancing muscle tone. Your stress levels are going to lessen, and you will trade in your side order of fries for a side order of Functional Training. If you are currently feeling lonely, don't be surprised if you begin getting more attention. Expect to have fewer common aches and pains: You will live a more comfortable life and get a better night's sleep. You will see substantial improvements in your energy and functionality, allowing you to participate in more of life's pleasures. You will have a feeling of self-accomplishment by finishing what you started.

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Author: Kathy C Rowland,Ronnie J Rowland,
Number of Pages: 414 pages
Published Date: 11 Sep 2015
Publisher: Kathy Rowland
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780692502365
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